10 ways to travel the world with a limited budget

Avoid expensive countries
Countries such as Qatar, Angola or Norway are the most expensive in the world. Perhaps it is obvious to you, but before you go somewhere, plan your trip and clear out the list of expensive countries. You can have the same entertainment, if not better, in budget countries.

Travel Light
Don’t waste money on things you might need before you go. Most of the time you will probably not use a underwater camera or an expensive tripod. If you really need something while traveling, you can rent or buy everything on the spot.

Find a good guide
You just need to know the price of things. You have to be savvy about the exchange rates, the prices of various excursions and trips (especially in taxis). This allows you to plan your trip better and it is unlikely that you will find yourself without money on half of your journey.

Unlock your phone
Most phones are designed to work with any service providers, and all you have to do is connect the SIM card. If you plan to take your phone with you while traveling, buy a new SIM card in every country you visit. It will cost you much cheaper than talking in roaming.

Buy travel Insurance
Although it may seem that you will only waste money before the trip, the insurance is very important for the budget traveler. What for? Because if you are not insured in a foreign country, and you suddenly need medical attention, it can cost thousands of dollars.

Cheap Flights
Check out the list of low cost airlines and decide whether you can find cheap tickets. If you are planning a trip, but have not yet decided on the country of destination, see where the tickets are cheaper. Let the case decide for you.

Choose Street Food
Street food can be cheap, tasty and safe-and more affordable than in restaurants that will come across you on the way. If you are concerned about food safety, ask for advice from the locals. They are usually happy to help.

It is an opportunity to stay in other people's homes as a guest and not pay for the place. This will not only help you save a lot of money, but will also allow you to get to know another culture from within and gain a real experience in travel.

Do not buy souvenirs
When you try to find the best souvenirs at the best price, you often miss what is happening around you. Instead of taking care that you bring home, try to enjoy the moment. Memories and photos will usually be quite enough.