Do you feel good? I do.

Hello, my friend. Where are you from? Alaska, Texas, Pennsylvania or Uryupinsk?

Anyway, I wanna share. Something good. What is good for you? Listening to the voice of a spring, or nodiving? Maybe, singing, or writing – as me.


Loving, jumping, being a child… Spend your time good and let yourself relax. Smile and watch others start smiling. Give flowers to your girlfriend or to yourself, smell it.


Maybe, you are too busy and dream of just visiting gym or spa saloon? Can you give it to yourself as a present? Maybe, just one time in a whole life!!!


You know, in Russia we have a great song, saying “oh, God, what a trifling – to do anything wrong just one time: through out a rubble and call the old friends”…


So, do a little holiday and thank yourself. My asking to you, please.