All mistakes can be corrected

I’d like to talk about small children, who about five years old. What do parents expect from their child in this age? Why do parents have such expectations?

Well, all parents understand, that every child copies their behavior. It’s important how parents fell themselves about that. It’s root of education their child.

If mother forgives yourself for mistakes – the child will forgive her for her mistakes. It’s very important! Forgiveness – is the meaning of life and education!

Children understand mistakes their parents, and it’s very important to learn them to forgive. Forgiveness helps to look forward. It gives a joy and a grateful for the family. Forgiveness makes children confident and loving. When mother and father forgive each other for the anger – it helps in education! So, parents expectations become kind and happy! And every day is filled with the happiness!

Parents, – don’t be afraid forgiving yourself and your children! It will help them to live a wonderful life!