Can a woman make a phone call to a man?

Any woman at least once was in a situation where she had to decide whether to call to a man or not. Traditionally, it is believed that a man should show initiative in relations. Therefore, some women, fearing to seem obtrusive, never and under no circumstances call up men. But real life is far from schemes and rules. Everything depends on a situation. Sometimes a call from a woman is really appropriate, especially if it can save the relationship from the break. And there are cases when it is better to refrain from a call for not to regret later. So, a woman can make a phone call to man if:

– There is a conflict in which the woman is to blame. In this case, if a woman values relationships, she should call as soon as possible and ask forgiveness.

– A woman sees that a man is skeptical about her feelings. To dispel doubts of a man a woman can call him and assure that she has become bored.

– The man is sick, or he has some serious problems. For a loving woman it is appropriate to call him and ask about his well-being, or even to offer her help.

– A man and a woman are already dating for some period of time. When a man and a woman become friends and relatives for each other, then it does not matter who calls to whom first.


– A woman urgently needs help and support. Calling up a man and asking him for help is a natural thing for her. A man is ready to help others. He is always be ready to come to his lady in a difficult moment.

As we can see, there are often situations when a woman can call to a man.

And now let’s consider the moments when a woman should not call up a man:

– Relationships have just begun. Of course, at the very beginning only a male should call. If he wants to go on he always call to a woman and date her up. If he does not call, it means that he doesn’t want the relationship to go on. In this case a call from a female will not change his attitude to her.

– A man has promised to call, but does not do it. Sometimes it means that he wants to manipulate a woman to subordinate her. Any way if a man does not uphold his promise it is not good. It’s not possible to rely on him.


– A man made it clear he wants to end the relationship. In this case it’s useless to make him a call and ask him to come back. If he changes his mind and wants to renew the relationship, he will call himself.