Grooms for a beautiful girl

Kate was pretty, cheerful and loved by many guys, who dreamed to marry her. Two of them she preferred more. One guy named Alex was from a neighbour town and the second one – Tom, was born and grew up in the same town as Kate. Her parents knew him, his family and wanted their daughter to choose him.

Both of guys were kind and considerate, so Kate was in doubt whom to choose.
 Suddenly a case helped her to make a choice. She worked in a polyclinic and was going there and back home by bus. Both of guys had motorcycles and, as soon as they had a chance, hurried to come and drop her home.

One day she was riding behind Alex on his motorbike when he hadn’t notice a hole on the road, lost control and they fell down. Kate was hurt but Alex stood up and first of all ran to the motorcycle leaving her on the ground. He checked it, picked up and only then paid attention to the girl: – ‘’Are you okay?’’

Kate was offended and disappointed by such attitude. She became sad and quiet, but he even didn’t understand the reason of changing her mood.

Some days later Tom was dropping her when curiously the same situation happened again and they also flew down from the motorbike. But this guy acted quite opposite. He jumped up and threw to her worried much about her feeling and helped her to stand up. Only after confirming that she was okay, he picked the motorcycle and drove on very carefully.

These incidents were as a sign from God to show the difference between them. She found out that one guy was more selfish and another one more considerate and made a choice. Tom was happy, their parents were happy as well. The families started preparation to the wedding and soon Kate and Tom became one of the most beautiful couples in the town.