How to be successful as a blogger

So you want to be a blogger. Congratulations! You know what you want to write about and maybe even already have a blog set up and ready to go. But we bet that the thought of becoming a blogger didn’t cross your mind solely for the need of a platform to express your thoughts and opinions. Expressing yourself is important but every blogger, even if he doesn’t admit it, wants somebody to read and react to his blog posts. It’s all about the feedback.

Otherwise, how are you supposed to know that you’re any good at it and that your opinions have any true value if other people don’t tell you about it? You can be self-sufficient all you want and claim that you’re not doing it for attention, but we know that your heart starts to race just a little bit and you get a boost of confidence whenever you see a new comment on a recently published blog post.
Here are a few tips on how to make sure that your blog gets the attention that it deserves.


Content is key
This has been the number one rule of blogging ever since the dawn of the internet. This is what your readers come for, so you better deliver. In order to write high-quality original blog posts, you have to be an expert in what you are writing about. Start from choosing your niche. This should be something that you know a lot about. Maybe you’re an aquarium enthusiast or you’ve been horseback riding since the age of five. Think of a thing that you’re both experienced in and enjoy doing and talking about. Share your passion with the world. Once you find your topic, writing articles for your blog will be easy and enjoyable.

Be consistent
This is a very important advice that many newbie bloggers overlook. Once your readers come across your blog, fall in love with it and hit the subscribe button or join your mailing list, they expect to see those new blog posts in their news feed or incoming mail on a regular basis. Be it once a week, biweekly or once a month. It’s a common courtesy to decide on a schedule and stick to it. To make things easier, you can write a few blog posts in advance and set up scheduled posting on your blog.

Get on social media
Social media websites are the easiest way to promote your blog and quickly gain following. Once you’ve written a new blog post and smashed that publish button, make sure to share it on all of your social media. Use hashtags to let your readers easily find your content.

Reach out to other bloggers
Blogging has long stopped being a solitary adventure. Bloggers have their own blogging communities, representative of their niche. Book blogs, mommy blogs, DIY and handmade blogs, food blogs and many more. All of these have their own Facebook groups, forums and even whole community websites that help bloggers get in touch. So go out there, join a few blogging groups or forums, talk to people, make some friends. Contribute to the community and don’t just spam them with your blog links. In fact, never ever spam-post in any groups. This way you won’t get that many new followers but instead, it will give you and your blog a bad name.

Follow these easy tips and good luck on your blogging journey!