Why we love Sherlock Holmes

Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, are captivating and interesting stories filled with intrigue and mystery. Each chapter is unpredictable and different from the others, characters are unusual including the main heroes – Sherlock Holmes himself and doctor Watson.

It seems like no one is able to reach the level of famous detective in his great intellect, logic and deduction. But, in true, the model of Sherlock's character was inspired by a doctor who could tell everything about his patients, only glancing at them once! And this fact causes even bigger interest to the book.

The plot of each investigation keeps readers guessing from beginning to the end. They try to find the explanations to the strange behaviors of characters and finally find out the criminal, using the clues given by the author. But it is not easy. Arthur Conan Doyle knew how to keep his readers intrigued so every story was full of surprises, unexpected turn of events and ending. He knew how to captivate them. And they were captivated. The are still captivated…