How to be successful as a blogger

So you want to be a blogger. Congratulations! You know what you want to write about and maybe even already have a blog set up and ready to go. But we bet that the thought of becoming a blogger didn’t cross your mind solely for the need of a platform to express your thoughts and opinions. Expressing yourself is important but every blogger, even if he doesn’t admit it, wants somebody to read and react to his blog posts. It’s all about the feedback.Read More »How to be successful as a blogger

Can a woman make a phone call to a man?

Any woman at least once was in a situation where she had to decide whether to call to a man or not. Traditionally, it is believed that a man should show initiative in relations. Therefore, some women, fearing to seem obtrusive, never and under no circumstances call up men. But real life is far from schemes and rules. Everything depends on a situation. Sometimes a call from a woman is really appropriate, especially if it can save the relationship from the break. And there are cases when it is better to refrain from a call for not to regret later. So, a woman can make a phone call to man if:Read More »Can a woman make a phone call to a man?